Selling your home is a once or twice in a lifetime experience for most people. So if you don’t fully understand the home-selling process and all the legal requirements, it’s perfectly understandable. That’s why getting professional help and advice from the right agent is crucial.

How do you select the right agent for you and your property? It can be a minefield to know where to start as there are a lot of real estate agents and real estate agencies in Point Cook.

Read on to learn how to find the best real estate agency to sell your home in Point Cook or Sanctuary Lakes.

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Sell Your Home in Point Cook

First, you need a real estate agent and agency that fully understands the current Point Cook home-selling market like our team at Established Property.

The key characteristics of the Point Cook property market.

  • The median selling price of homes in Point Cook, Victoria is over $700,000. Prices have grown steadily as the suburb has undergone rapid expansion over the past two decades.
  • The most common type of property in Point Cook is a four bedroom house that’s less than 20 years old.
  • Apartments and townhouses are less common, but can be found close to Point Cook shopping precincts.
  • The area is popular with young families, with the median age in the area currently being just 33.
  • The majority of home buyers in Point Cook are owner-occupiers (70%, versus 30% for investment properties).
  • In the Wyndham City, VIC, area as a whole, there are usually between 1,000 to 2,000 properties for sale in postcode 3030 at any time. Over half of these properties are sold in less than 4 weeks.

Point Cook home-selling advantages

Next, you need to find a real estate agent or agency that communicates the key advantages that Point Cook, VIC, homes and the local area have to offer in order to create interest and competition for your home sale.

  • More bang for your buck!
    Point Cook homes and yards are generally bigger than those you’ll find closer to the city, and they’re cheaper too!
  • Lifestyle!
    With two-thirds of people now working from home in Australia, why wouldn’t home buyers want a bigger home in a place with less traffic?
    And for those property buyers that do need to commute to Melbourne City, Point Cook is only 23 minutes by car or 41 minutes by train.

Our real estate team at Established Property know what buyers are looking for in Point Cook and therefore we market our clients’ homes to highlight the most attractive features.

Point Cook Real Estate Agents

Find a real estate agent with a track record to sell your home in Point Cook

Next, you need to look for Point Cook real estate agents and agencies that have a track record of home-selling success in Point Cook, including plenty of testimonials from satisfied home sellers. Look at:

  • recent property sales,
  • the house sale prices achieved,
  • the time taken to sell the home, and
  • the total number of sold properties.

Our team at Established Property has been selling Point Cook real estate since 1997 when the area was little more than farmland.

In fact, we were the first real estate business in Point Cook, and we’ve been proudly servicing the needs of our home selling and property management clients ever since.

We’ve grown along with the Sanctuary Lakes residential estate to become the best real estate agency Point Cook has.

Real Estate Agency Costs

A real estate agency that delivers value for money

There are some unavoidable costs associated with selling your home. The best real estate agents and agencies will always aim to deliver an excellent sales result for you with minimal costs.

Below is an outline of the typical costs associated with selling a home.

Real estate commission

All real estate agents and agencies charge a commission on a home’s selling price for their services, so you need to make sure you’re getting value for the services they provide. The average real estate commission is between 2 and 3% in Victoria.

But don’t just base your home selling decision on the agent or agency with the lowest real estate commission rate offered. The best Point Cook real estate agents and agencies more than cover the cost of their commission by getting you a higher selling price for your home. They invest more of their time and energy and expertise to get you the best possible result.

Read more about the services that our real estate agents provide and what the real estate sales agent commission covers when selling your home.

Other home-selling costs

Besides a real estate sales agents’ commission, other costs that you may need to factor in when you think “Sell my house” and decide to put your home in Victoria on the market can include expenses for:

To get the best possible price, you need to make your property as marketable as possible. That can mean things like arranging some landscaping, plumbing repairs or a fresh coat of paint.

This can involve hiring temporary furniture and homewares to help with the marketing appeal of your home to potential home buyers.

This includes the cost of advertising your home on popular real estate websites such as, as well as other marketing initiatives such as brochures, flyers and open homes.The best agents and agencies will be upfront about your options and they will provide you with the right advice and marketing costs to promote your home, and ultimately sell your home for the highest price.

This is the legal process of transferring the ownership of your property to the home buyer on the date you officially move out (called the ‘settlement date’ in real estate jargon).

You will only have this cost if you choose this method of selling your property.

If you still owe money on your home loan, part of the home sale proceeds will be used to pay out your loan and other bank fees and charges associated with your home loan by your lender.

You will need to pay a removalist to get all your furniture, appliances and other personal belongings out of your home prior to settlement.

Note that capital gains tax DOES NOT apply if you’re selling your residential home.Note also that you DO NOT have to pay land transfer (stamp) duty as a home seller. That’s the home buyer’s responsibility.

How we can help you sell your Point Cook home?

If you’re thinking about selling your Point Cook home, our team at Established Property can answer any questions you have and provide you with advice – even before you decide to list your home for sale with us.

Simply request a property appraisal and one of our experienced team of Point Cook real estate professionals will visit your home. We will provide you with specific advice on:

  • how to prepare your home to make it as marketable as possible prior to listing.
  • the latest Point Cook property market insights.
  • a price guide for your home.


We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the high-quality sales and marketing service you can expect if you decide to list your property with us. We pride ourselves on having the best real estate agents Point Cook and the Wyndham City area has to offer.