Our approach to Property Management Services makes us different.

.Established is committed to offering exceptional and personalised Property Management services.

Established Property Managers are Rental Provider advocates, in every respect. We strive to provide a level of service and communication that allows us to stand out. Ultimately, our mission is to provide you, our rental providers, with complete peace of mind.

Our success lies within the quality of our team as finding the right people is important to us. We provide constant training and development to ensure our staff expertise and enthusiasm. We take care of them, so they can take care of you. Our resources, capabilities and internal processes are focused on ensuring our rental providers receive the best possible property management services. We always look to maximise your return on investment, while minimising vacancy rates.

Changing from your current agent can happen quickly, at no cost to you. Even if there is a current rental agreement in place. In fact, the process is easier when there is a rental agreement in place, so don’t wait until its conclusion to change agents.

Now is the perfect time to start a long and seamless partnership with the Established Property Management Team. And we’ll start by making the property management transition completely effortless for you.


Yes, it is highly recommended that you have Building Insurance as well as Landlord Insurance.

Building Insurance protects your property against loss or damage caused by fire, storm, etcetera. And legal liability for an occurrence that causes death or bodily injury to other people, or damage to other people’s property within your property.

Landlord insurance is extremely important for a Rental Provider and protects you from loss of rental income as a result of an absconding Renter, defaulting Renter, untenantable property, damage by Renter, pet damage, damage to furnishings including carpets & blinds due to storm or fire.

Many insurance providers offer combined insurance which includes both of the above.

Rental Providers – If you have just purchased a property, the best time to start is straight away – especially if the property is vacant and being advertised for rent because there is exposure to  liability from the moment you or your agent begins showing potential Renters through the property.

As long as the policy holder has added the Property Manager on the Insurance Policy to have authority to deal with the insurance provider, the property manager can lodge a claim on the owner’s behalf.

Fixed term agreements have a start and end date. Periodic or month to month agreements do not have an end date.

When a fixed-term rental agreement ends, it will automatically turn into a periodic agreement, unless either the Rental Provider or the Renter gives notice to end the agreement or chooses to start a new fixed-term agreement.

Some insurance companies only cover you when there is a fixed term Rental Agreement in place. They may not cover Periodic Leases (month-to month). However, the better known insurance companies cover all leases. It is best to check with your insurance provider to insure you have adequate cover.

A notice of Breach of Duty can be issued to the Renter. The notice requires the Renter to either rectify the issues specified or pay compensation for any loss suffered by the Rental Provider because of the breach. Should the Renter not rectify the breach after consecutive notices, a Compensation or Compliance Order can be applied for at VCAT, or the relevant Notice to Vacate can be served.

A Rental Provider can request a Renter to make or pay for repairs if they caused the damage or fault. If the Renter arranges  the repair, they must complete works within 14 days to a Tradesperson’s like standard. If not, Rental Provider may undertake  the repairs at the Renter’s expense.

If the Rental Provider is to organise the repairs, they may ask the Renter to cover the reasonable cost of repairs.

Rental Providers have the right to enter a property to undertake repairs. They have the right to bring Service Providers or Tradespeople to make the repairs. The minimum notice period of entry is 24 hours and access is between 8am and 6pm on any day except a public holiday. If a Renter refuses access, a Notice of Entry can be issued which allows the Agency to access the property using their office key.

The owner access gives you 24/7 access to property details including tracking financial activity, all outstanding jobs, routine inspection reports and documents relating to your property.

If you forget your password at any stage, click on the ‘Forgot password’ link in the Owner Access login screen and enter the email linked to your account to reset your password.

This can be accessed via your Owner’s Portal at any point in time. You simply need to log in to your portal and this information will be available.
You can click ‘more details’ to see a full breakdown of expenses, set a specific date range and view data for all properties or a specific property.

It’s best to contact the Property Me support team if you have any queries regarding your property or Owner Access page. You can contact them at support@propertyme.com

Yes, you can do this by logging into your Owner Access and navigating to your Profile where you will see a ‘Delete Account’ button. Selecting ‘Delete Account’ will permanently delete your profile.